Betsy Barber


Century 21 McAlpine Associates, Inc.

900 B Main Street Conway, SC 29526

Real Estate:

I got my first real estate license in 1980 when living in Wilmington which I never used.  I promptly got a full-time position with Coastal Beverage Company.  I tried again when we moved back to Ohio.  Took the real estate and appraisal courses, but never followed through with the test.  Life was too busy!Third try should be the charm!  I met with Nancy Lee in October who spurred me on to take the real estate classes.   I completed the pre-license class in mid-November and passed the state test by the end of that month.

Previous Employment:

Most of my work since 2001 has been contracted projects as a Small Project Manager or Project Coordinator.  Most recently I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland on an audit software project.  Other projects have been at PNC, GE Healthcare, FirstEnergy Corp, a Budweiser distributor, and some stamping plants.  I also worked at R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, Charter One Bank, and Ernst & Young, LLP.  The last is where I gained project knowledge.  My mom said I was always her “project child.”


In the process of updating our new (old) home in Conway, I found I love carpentry.  Yes, I use all the power tools.  I love puzzling out the best and most efficient way to build something.  Sometimes I’m right; sometimes, after the fact, I figure out a better way.  Carpentry is much like sewing, another hobby, because mechanical engineering is needed in both.  

Genealogy is my most time-consuming hobby.  I love it so much I’ve done it for friends just for the thrill of the hunt.  Throw in riding my own motorcycle, camping, reading for escape and I guess I stay pretty busy.

My Philosophy:

Work smart; learn how the details fit into the big picture; streamline and automate routine work as much as possible.  Cheaper, more efficient ways to accomplish the mundane leaves me time for fun stuff.