The article below by J.P. Morgan suggest we are finally on the rise!! Please read the article and see the national statistics and expectations of our future housing market. Here at Century 21 McAlpine we are seeing prices of homes stabalize and there are much fewer homes available in comparassion to last year. 

What does this mean to the buying public? The new market trends suggest you will not be able to offer a lot less to any seller that is educated on the market conditions. Since there are less homes to choose from you will find that the asking price of a property will be very close to the sales price.

What does this mean to our Sellers? Now is the time to put your home on the market if you need to move. While prices are still at an all time low, interest rates are as well; This means you can be certain your efforts to maintain your home for showings will not be in vain. We can and will sell your home. 

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