I've been looking for a long time now to find a way to clean a porcelain enamel tub that is stained badly. As I share a love of old houses and enjoy the chance to remodel while keeping the character that they offer; I often find bathtubs that appear permanently stained and dirty. 

Without having to spend hundred's of dollars to have your bathtub re-enameled there are a few tricks to clean the tub without harsh chemicals. If you are selling an older home and want it to appear it's best, you may need to give this a try as well.

First, mix a generous amount of Baking Soda and warm water into a paste. Rub the gritty paste over all of the stained area's of your porcelain bathtub and prepare yourself for a little elbow greese action. Next, re-use any clean squirt bottle and fill with lemon juice. Turn the nozzle to mist and lightly spray the surface of the prepared baking soda mixture. Finally, using protective gloves scrub the surface of the bathtub in a circular motion with a soft cloth. Small stained area's will come clean in no-time but those of you with stubborn stained surfaces over the majority of the surface will find that you may need to use more lemon juice and repetition. Don't forget, as with all acidic fruit juices that wear away at enamel on our teeth- it will do the same to an enameled tub so don't use this treatment as an everyday cleaner.

After an hour of hard work last night, my bathtub looks like brand new using only common household products! As my 4 year old says- "Wow- it looks so sunny now mama!" The added bonus; I got a great arm workout!!! 

Items Needed:

Baking Soda, Warm Water, Squirt Bottle, Lemon Juice, Protective Gloves