In 2004 we created an award called “Mr. Mac’s award of excellence” and presented it to a very deserving person, Chris Sansbury. We were in hopes that every few years we would find someone else worthy of that title. Almost 10 years later, we haven’t found another “Mr. Mac”!

Our companies namesake died in 2000 and left a legacy that we have strived to continue through the years. Mr. Mac was a very smart man. He could do almost any math in his head and had a memory that was impressive. Chris is the same way. He was extremely organized and focused. He was an excellent business man and had a wonderful work ethic. But it was his very soft heart that made him stand out above many others.  He loved God, he loved his country and he loved his fellow man.  He spent time with his family even if it meant taking his little girls with him to work. Repeatedly, he lent money that he never expected to be paid back. He gave without expecting anything in return and often  in secret. Chris is the same way.

Our company policy was based on “The Golden Rule” because Mr. Mac said if we followed that, we would be just fine. Over the past 10 years we have found some great employees that were great people. Some had a great work ethic, some were outstanding professionals, and some were great examples of God’s love helping people with their real estate needs. Rarely do we fine someone who has it all!

This past Sunday, Chris Sansbury was ordained as a deacon in the First Baptist church. His wife and three children stood by his side. We are so proud of Chris and his leadership in our company.  It is hard to follow a leader like “Mr. Mac” but Chris has done us proud.