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Aug. 26, 2013

Home Value Increasing

We normally follow about a year behind the west coast but 2.5% is sure a move in the right direction. I used to joke around with my California cousins when their fashion seemed strange to those of us on the east coast, but soon learned that the "fads" moved here a few years later. Guess real estate is the same!

CNBC Article Prices Defy Gravity

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Aug. 26, 2013

Careers For Conway, SC Real Estate Agents

For over twenty years, Century21 McAlpine Associates have prided ourselves in having a well trained professional staff. Unlike many firms, we don't "throw our agents to the wolves," or have a "sink or swim" mentality. The principal partners here at McAlpine invest many hours in preparing new agents with the skills necessary to successfully negotiate this quick moving and tricky Real Estate market. Utilizing our combined experience, we provide training and mentoring that helps insure success. An extensive six week training process, complete with roll playing exercises, provides the initial preparation. Continuing education and a hands on, open door policy, means that our agents provide excellent professional service to our buyers and sellers. It is this dedication to professionalism that has made us one of the most well regarded sales firms in the Conway and Myrtle Beach Real Estate communities. 

Jan. 29, 2013

"Mr. Mac's Award of Excellence"

In 2004 we created an award called “Mr. Mac’s award of excellence” and presented it to a very deserving person, Chris Sansbury. We were in hopes that every few years we would find someone else worthy of that title. Almost 10 years later, we haven’t found another “Mr. Mac”!

Our companies namesake died in 2000 and left a legacy that we have strived to continue through the years. Mr. Mac was a very smart man. He could do almost any math in his head and had a memory that was impressive. Chris is the same way. He was extremely organized and focused. He was an excellent business man and had a wonderful work ethic. But it was his very soft heart that made him stand out above many others.  He loved God, he loved his country and he loved his fellow man.  He spent time with his family even if it meant taking his little girls with him to work. Repeatedly, he lent money that he never expected to be paid back. He gave without expecting anything in return and often  in secret. Chris is the same way.

Our company policy was based on “The Golden Rule” because Mr. Mac said if we followed that, we would be just fine. Over the past 10 years we have found some great employees that were great people. Some had a great work ethic, some were outstanding professionals, and some were great examples of God’s love helping people with their real estate needs. Rarely do we fine someone who has it all!

This past Sunday, Chris Sansbury was ordained as a deacon in the First Baptist church. His wife and three children stood by his side. We are so proud of Chris and his leadership in our company.  It is hard to follow a leader like “Mr. Mac” but Chris has done us proud.

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Jan. 15, 2013

Are Home Prices Recovering?

The article below by J.P. Morgan suggest we are finally on the rise!! Please read the article and see the national statistics and expectations of our future housing market. Here at Century 21 McAlpine we are seeing prices of homes stabalize and there are much fewer homes available in comparassion to last year. 

What does this mean to the buying public? The new market trends suggest you will not be able to offer a lot less to any seller that is educated on the market conditions. Since there are less homes to choose from you will find that the asking price of a property will be very close to the sales price.

What does this mean to our Sellers? Now is the time to put your home on the market if you need to move. While prices are still at an all time low, interest rates are as well; This means you can be certain your efforts to maintain your home for showings will not be in vain. We can and will sell your home. 

Click  to view the entire article.


CALL CENTURY 21 MCALPINE TODAY! We need more homes to market NOW. Call us if you are thinking of selling in the near future. 

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Oct. 18, 2012

Lucas Bay Light

Halloween is just around the corner and like many Halloween fans, I often tell the familiar ghost story of the Lucas Bay Light. If you are from Conway, SC, you most certainly have heard of the Lucas Bay Light or have even experienced the sighting yourself. Legend has it that the light is the ghost of a female slave walking through the woods or down the dirt road searching for her lost child.   

I have seen the Lucas Bay light myself and can tell you that it is unexplainable and very spooky. I had been told prior to my visit as a teenager that the light may or may not be visible and that other experiences included feeling cold or often times the vehicle that you came in could have engine trouble. It has also been reported that you could hear a baby cry. 

On the night that I experienced the light, I was shocked that it was so extremely bright and obvious. I think I imagined it being hard to see or more like an ora but this light traveled smoothly through the air and was as if someone was holding a lantern not to far away from me. When it first appears, you want to believe you will see another light soon like a car coming, or hear the hum of a motorcycle, but then the light turns to an orange, amber glow and in the stillness you feel like you just walked into a standup freezer. I did not experience any car trouble and did not hear the cry of a child but none the less, I have remembered the event so well for all these years.


Have you ever experienced the Lucas Bay Light? Tell us your story!

You can see a first hand account of another individual's Lucas Bay sighting below:

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Aug. 23, 2012

Selling Your Home Shouldn't Take Forever!


Selling your home doesn't have to take forever! The key is finding an agent that will be brutally but kindly honest with you about what the market can sustain with your particular product. Yes, if you have something particularly different to list for sale, it can either be a detriment or an asset to the time it will take to market and secure a contract on your property. However, in today's market most of the time you can and should be capable of getting your home sold! What do you need to know and do in order to achieve this goal? 

Simple Instructions:

1) Clean your Home or Land! This goes for both, junk is not attractive to the consumer and let's face it; the consumer today have   many choices and you are not helping them make the right choice if you don't take the time to de-clutter. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Curb Appeal is Important; Shrubs, well-maintained lawns, a welcoming entrance all tell the buyer how you maintain the items in the home that cannot be seen.

2) Get advice from someone who will tell you the honest truth about your home. If it's not your realtor, get the friend or family member that has always been brutally honest with you to tell you what you need to hear. Have them walk through your home with a fine tooth comb and blurt out any eye sores. Don't Shoot the Messenger! We simply cannot see our home the way other's do, we live in this home and turn a blind eye to the items that so often are staring us in the face. 

3) Take your pets away from your home when showing the property. This is painful to many of you pet lovers but is very important. I love my dogs so much and they are so old that I let them live inside during the hotest months of the year but I'm not trying to sell my house right now either. Pets simply do not attact the largest audience of buyers! They smell, they are dirty, they have flees, they dig holes, well- You get the point!

4) Allow showings on your home to be easy, fast, and without you there. The public wants to feel at home, not like they are a guest in the home they are viewing. Whether we like it or not, people today are in a hurry and if they cannot go on the showing when they want to go chances are they will move on and will not look back. 

5) Finally, Price Your Home correctly. Pricing your home is a vital element to get the home sold. Take the opinion of a professional into careful consideration when making your decision and hire a reputable firm to market your home. Good Luck and Getting Moving!

May 7, 2012

Conway Jazz and Art Festival


Conway Jazz and Art Festival in Downtown Conway on Saturday was so much fun! There were children dancing in the streets, local artist selling fabulous paintings at a deal, fresh produce, hand made soap, the list goes on and on! It feels like summer already and the town is enjoying every minute of it! If you were there tell us what you thought in our comments section. If not, you haven't missed it all. Every weekend you can visit the Farmer's Market downtown Conway to purchase a variety of local products. Veggies and Fruits are all fresh from local farmer's, fresh eggs were being sold, flowers, pottery, soap, candles, bird houses and so much more! Come check it out and support your local merchants. Last year, I purchased fresh seafood from a gentleman that I missed so much this past Saturday- PLEASE be there again! I need my fish and shrimp!!


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Feb. 24, 2012

Cleaning Porcelain Tubs

I've been looking for a long time now to find a way to clean a porcelain enamel tub that is stained badly. As I share a love of old houses and enjoy the chance to remodel while keeping the character that they offer; I often find bathtubs that appear permanently stained and dirty. 

Without having to spend hundred's of dollars to have your bathtub re-enameled there are a few tricks to clean the tub without harsh chemicals. If you are selling an older home and want it to appear it's best, you may need to give this a try as well.

First, mix a generous amount of Baking Soda and warm water into a paste. Rub the gritty paste over all of the stained area's of your porcelain bathtub and prepare yourself for a little elbow greese action. Next, re-use any clean squirt bottle and fill with lemon juice. Turn the nozzle to mist and lightly spray the surface of the prepared baking soda mixture. Finally, using protective gloves scrub the surface of the bathtub in a circular motion with a soft cloth. Small stained area's will come clean in no-time but those of you with stubborn stained surfaces over the majority of the surface will find that you may need to use more lemon juice and repetition. Don't forget, as with all acidic fruit juices that wear away at enamel on our teeth- it will do the same to an enameled tub so don't use this treatment as an everyday cleaner.

After an hour of hard work last night, my bathtub looks like brand new using only common household products! As my 4 year old says- "Wow- it looks so sunny now mama!" The added bonus; I got a great arm workout!!! 

Items Needed:

Baking Soda, Warm Water, Squirt Bottle, Lemon Juice, Protective Gloves

July 12, 2011

Sales Agents- Don’t talk too much! Become better listeners!

An ancient Chinese proverb reminds us; "To listen well, is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well." While everyone can benefit from this sage advice, these words of wisdom are particularly appropriate for professional salespeople. Would you consider yourself a good listener? Perhaps a more important question might be, how would your customers, business associates, friends and family members rate your listening ability? Their feedback just might surprise you, because most people believe they're much better listeners than they truly are.

Poor listeners frequently confuse the physical act of hearing with the emotional art of listening. While hearing is a function of biology, active listening skills must be acquired and developed. In the selling process, when you talk you merely provide information, but when you genuinely listen you show respect, create trust and develop rapport.

Active listening is making a conscious effort to hear your customer's words as well as to try and understand the total message being sent, both verbally and nonverbally. Are you able to stay focused on your customer or does your mind wander? By giving your customer your full and undivided attention, you're laying a foundation of trust and building rapport. Discipline your mind and put aside distracting thoughts. Each time you catch your mind starting to wander, "grab it" and immediately refocus your attention back to your customer. Show that you're listening by using your body language gestures to convey your attention. A simple smile or nod of the head conveys that you're listening without interrupting your customer's flow of thought.

The best salespeople have a tendency to listen like a homicide detective and ask great probing questions. They don't make assumptions, they summarize and seek clarity. An occasional question or comment to recap what has been said communicates that you understand the message. Until this is done, your customer will resist your input.

Where communication is poor, mistakes increase, relationships breakdown and opportunities to make the sale are missed! If you want to enhance your professional image, strengthen relationships and dramatically improve your sales effectiveness, I encourage you to listen while you work.

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July 12, 2011

The Value of Remodeling My Home

The Final Tally

by Nancy M. Lee


Century 21 McAlpine Associates

My family is closing this week on a cute little bungalow in Surfside Beach, SC. It is located only 4 blocks from the beach and is on a beautiful wooded lot.  It has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.The home is presently loved and well cared for and has that comfortable family “feel”. The only problem is that the house is over 30 years old and needs some face lifting. What items do we spend money on that will be recoupable when the time comes to sell?


This is the same question home owners ask us all the time. For example, if you really want a pool, can you get your investment back? In most cases “NO”. In my experience, only about 50% of your investment will be recuperated when you sell the home. This percentage will be higher if you are in a beach front community and rent your home on a weekly basis. Tourists like a pool just like if they were staying in a motel and will rent your house for more money with that amenity.


In our case, we would like to paint or change the outside of the home from wood to vinyl for fresh color and low maintenance. According to residential specialist, that will be an investment that you can get 80% of the value back for your expense. We may also do some minor kitchen remodeling and should get 72.8% of that expense back in value. We also plan to add an additional bath and outside shower. I really want that part, even though the experts say I will only get 53% of my investment back. The upgrades that you do to the exterior will be the most profitable. Curb appeal is still the main attraction for buyers of your home.


In the final tally, you need to know that not all of the money you will spend on your home will be realized back in value when you decide to sell.

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