Halloween is just around the corner and like many Halloween fans, I often tell the familiar ghost story of the Lucas Bay Light. If you are from Conway, SC, you most certainly have heard of the Lucas Bay Light or have even experienced the sighting yourself. Legend has it that the light is the ghost of a female slave walking through the woods or down the dirt road searching for her lost child.   

I have seen the Lucas Bay light myself and can tell you that it is unexplainable and very spooky. I had been told prior to my visit as a teenager that the light may or may not be visible and that other experiences included feeling cold or often times the vehicle that you came in could have engine trouble. It has also been reported that you could hear a baby cry. 

On the night that I experienced the light, I was shocked that it was so extremely bright and obvious. I think I imagined it being hard to see or more like an ora but this light traveled smoothly through the air and was as if someone was holding a lantern not to far away from me. When it first appears, you want to believe you will see another light soon like a car coming, or hear the hum of a motorcycle, but then the light turns to an orange, amber glow and in the stillness you feel like you just walked into a standup freezer. I did not experience any car trouble and did not hear the cry of a child but none the less, I have remembered the event so well for all these years.


Have you ever experienced the Lucas Bay Light? Tell us your story!

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