Selling your home doesn't have to take forever! The key is finding an agent that will be brutally but kindly honest with you about what the market can sustain with your particular product. Yes, if you have something particularly different to list for sale, it can either be a detriment or an asset to the time it will take to market and secure a contract on your property. However, in today's market most of the time you can and should be capable of getting your home sold! What do you need to know and do in order to achieve this goal? 

Simple Instructions:

1) Clean your Home or Land! This goes for both, junk is not attractive to the consumer and let's face it; the consumer today have   many choices and you are not helping them make the right choice if you don't take the time to de-clutter. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Curb Appeal is Important; Shrubs, well-maintained lawns, a welcoming entrance all tell the buyer how you maintain the items in the home that cannot be seen.

2) Get advice from someone who will tell you the honest truth about your home. If it's not your realtor, get the friend or family member that has always been brutally honest with you to tell you what you need to hear. Have them walk through your home with a fine tooth comb and blurt out any eye sores. Don't Shoot the Messenger! We simply cannot see our home the way other's do, we live in this home and turn a blind eye to the items that so often are staring us in the face. 

3) Take your pets away from your home when showing the property. This is painful to many of you pet lovers but is very important. I love my dogs so much and they are so old that I let them live inside during the hotest months of the year but I'm not trying to sell my house right now either. Pets simply do not attact the largest audience of buyers! They smell, they are dirty, they have flees, they dig holes, well- You get the point!

4) Allow showings on your home to be easy, fast, and without you there. The public wants to feel at home, not like they are a guest in the home they are viewing. Whether we like it or not, people today are in a hurry and if they cannot go on the showing when they want to go chances are they will move on and will not look back. 

5) Finally, Price Your Home correctly. Pricing your home is a vital element to get the home sold. Take the opinion of a professional into careful consideration when making your decision and hire a reputable firm to market your home. Good Luck and Getting Moving!